I have been maintaining this site since 1997. Much of what you see here is the product of thousands of miles traveling the roads of Upstate New York. I also have included and welcome additional information from many others. Unless told otherwise, I give credit to those that provide information to the site.

The graphics are made by myself using Macromedia Fireworks 8 on Mac OS X. The pages are primarily hand coded using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 on Mac OS X. I do use graphics from other sites from time to time as a template, and will credit the contributor or site accordingly.

Here are the color codes used for creating the graphics. I have referenced this site for the conversion of Pantone colors to approximate hexadecimal equivalents. The Pantone color codes are from the MUTCD Color Specifications for printing purposes.

Color Pantone Code Hexadecimal Equivalent Color Sample
Brown 469 #4A1A00 brown
Green 342 #00912A green
Red 187 #CC002B red
Blue 294 #0055C9 blue
Yellow 116 #FFD600 yellow
Orange 152 #FC7C00 orange
Coral 232 #FF288C coral

Photos are taken by myself or my partner Earl unless otherwise noted.

Here's the official credits blurb:

This site created and maintained by J.P. Wing and is not affiliated with the New York State Department of Transportation or the New York State Thruway Authority. The majority of graphics have been created by the author, some graphics are via sources on the web (and credited accordingly) or by photos provided by author. Sign graphics use the official FHWA typeface available from Page Studio Graphics. There are slight differences between this and the Roadgeek Series of fonts (which are used on the exit guides due to availability purposes), especially FHWA Series D in mixed case. I don't have the money nor the interest in purchasing the official set of Clearview fonts, I rely on the Roadgeek font series for those. Interstate shield graphics, "‹- New!" graphic and some cultural, destination and facility symbols courtesy of Richard Moeur's site. New York state route shields on exit guides courtesy of Chris Jordan. The exit guide lists are inspired by the format on Arizona Roads. The "N Y Routes" button will lead you off site to Mark Sinsabaugh's site. His listing is the most accurate and his haircut is top notch. "The Roads of New York" and "Empire State Roads" will take you off-site as well. Special mention goes to the folks at the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Thruway Authority for their assistance.

Proofreader credits have to go to the following folks for helping me find typos and html coding errors