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Distance Based Exit Numbers

Location: Throughout the entire state.

Current Sign: All freeway and express interchanges in New York, with the exception of I-890, are either numbered sequentially or have no exit number at all

I-81 Exit 115

Most states (43 out of 50, Alaska doesn't use exit numbers) in the U.S. number their exits based on milepost or km-post. This is called "distance based exit numbering". Numbering exits in this manner allows a motorist to calculate the distance to their exit, regardless of their location on that freeway. Instead of saying to themselves, "I have 5 exits to go" as you would on the current system, whereas 5 exits could be separated by any number of miles, you could simply say "I'm going from exit 84 to exit 101, I have 17 miles to my exit." This system also allows for an easy insertion or deletion of any exit along the roadway (the Thruway currently has the numbering scheme of Exit 21, 21B, 21A and then 22). It also provides an additional reference motorists can use when construction notices are shown on the new Variable Message Signs. "Construction and delays at Milepost 150" (the driver is currently at exit 125, this gives them plenty of time to plan an alternate route.)

As of March 2008, bill S5358 in the New York State Senate addresses this issue.