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Corporation and Political Boundary and Waterway crossing signs

Location: All across the entire state.

Original Richfield Springs
St Lawrence County Montour Falls Genesee River

As I mention on the front page of the sign shop, NYSDOT and the NYSTA have been gravitating towards all capital letters on signage for the past 20 years ago. Studies show that motorists identify sign messages by word and letter "shape" before content and using an all capital letter approach to signing masks letter shape recognition.

Series D in mixed case needs to be introduced to political boundary signs and other signs of interest. By using Series D in mixed case, legibility is enhanced without an increasing in haloing from headlights.

In the examples above, line 1 is in 8-inch upper case/6-inch lower case Series "D" and line 2 is in 6-inch upper case Series "D" (with the exception of the village or city boundary line signs, then lettering size is reversed for applicable lines). For freeway and expressway application, legend would be increased to 13.33-inch upper case Series "D" and 10-inch lowercase Series "D" for line 1 and 10-inch upper case Series "D" for line 2.