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Closely Spaced Interchanges

Location: Freeways and Expressways across New York.

Current Sign: There are a limited number of these signs throughout the state.

There are many instances in New York's urban areas where interchanges are grouped closely together. Occasionally there are instances when advance exit signs can't be placed without overlapping preceding interchanges. This reduces the amount of time a motorist has to react to approaching their desired interchange.

The National Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices specifies that a sign, similar to the one pictured above, should be installed in these instances. While they do exist in the Empire State, there are many more places where they could be installed, providing more time for the driver to react to needed lane changes.

In this particular instance, there are many route numbers included in the number of interchanges within a
short distance. Displaying the route shields for these routes may create "message clutter". The older style of all-text legend for route numbers is appropriate on these types of signs, similar to the signs found in Illinois.