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Interstate 87 Mileage Signs

Location: New York Thruway (Interstate 87 portion) southbound.

Existing Sign: Current signs just list mileage to New York City, south of Interstate 84 they also indicate mileage to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Thruway mileage       Thruway mileage

The southbound post-interchange mileage signs on the Thruway simply list the distance to New York. The Thruway passes through many other places in the Hudson Valley, and since New York doesn't utilize distance based exit numbers, the distance to some of these places are important to motorists. Like westbound signs now include three lines, (i.e. Utica/Syracuse/Buffalo), signs like these would be important in showing the distance to key locations in the Hudson Valley.

On these types of signs, I recommend all-text route legend, to maintain clarity on the sign and unusual spacing that would result from an Interstate 84 shield being near the left hand margin. Ohio and Illinois (among other states) have instituted a similar practice. This also helps the driver differentiate from signage at the actual interchange.

Careful observers will notice "Interstate 86" underneath the "N Y 17" on the right hand panel. This is an effort to show future planning for the designation of Interstate 86 between Binghamton to Harriman.