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Standardized New York Route Marker

Location: The entire state.

Current Sign: There are numerous variations in the New York State route marker sign in use throughout the state.

NY Route 15   NY Route 199
guide markers

It seems that every time a new New York route shield is installed, it looks a little bit different. The style of lettering is different. The top of the shield is flattened. The curve along the top is wide. The curve along the top is narrow. There are countless variations.

NYSDOT should standardize on one design and distribute the CAD file to anyone that makes New York route shield signs. In the example above, the top two signs are for use on stand-alone installations, the middle two are examples for the freeway/expressway guide signs. Notice the addition of a black border on the bottom two and the use of FHWA Series D style of lettering on all the signs. Currently, New York uses FHWA Series F on guide signs, one of the only places in the country where Series F is use. Series D is much more appropriate for route shields, matching the numbers on Interstate and US Route markers.

Here's a sample guide sign with the black outlined shields. I think it looks really sharp.

shield example