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Intersection at Next Signal

Location: The entire state.

Current Sign: Variations are used very sporadically throughout the state.

Next Signal

As the motoring public ages, additional visual cues are needed to guide drivers to their destination. Last second weaving can be eliminated with the use of an advance sign showing a driver what's at the next intersection. I recommend this type of sign on multi-lane roadways, especially those with signalized turning lanes.

I have used the Series D and E alphabets in this example, with the street name in Series E (NOT Series E Modified) and the "NEXT SIGNAL" in Series D. The street name should be in mixed case legend for clarity, the bottom line is in all capital letters as it is a passive action message. The use of Series E instead of Series E Modified allows for reduced haloing from headlights at night.

This sign already appears in the National MUTCD.