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Post Interchange Mileage with Closely Spaced Interchanges

Location: The entire state.

Current Sign: Some locations throughout the state. This particular sign would be at westbound reference marker 49-2602-3613.

Post Interchange

There are instances when closely spaced interchanges create a bit of sign clutter. There are various ways of reducing last minute decisions on the motorist's behalf. One way is to include post-interchange distance signs that show the next two exits are closely spaced. These are highly recommended in the MUTCD, however, this particular design combines the traditional distance sign with it's closely spaced interchange counterpart.

When I first designed this particular sign, I put the hint of a dividing line (a standard in Texas) that separated the closely spaced exits from the control city. Unfortunately, in this particular instance it added unnecessary clutter to the sign, particular with the fraction mark. So the final version of this sign does not include a partial line between the second and third line.