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Freeway Approach from Secondary Route

Location: The entire state.

Current Sign: Very, very rarely found throughout the state, although this type of sign has been appearing in newer installations a little bit more, especially in Region 4. Most approaches to freeways use standard post-mounted "JCT" and route plates.

Freeway Approach

Motorists should be made aware of upcoming freeway interchanges from secondary roads. Many freeways and expressways in The Empire State carry state and US route designations. Those unfamiliar with the area may not realize that the freeway they are looking for is not marked with an interstate shield.

This type of approach sign has appeared in the past. Obviously, the mileage in the example above is a variable. One particular location I can think of is NY 394 westbound approaching NY 17 (now Interstate 86). Unfortunately the sign was removed with the last sign rehabilitation in the area.

This sign should be implemented immediately to assist motorists in finding expressway and freeway facilities.