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Exit Gore Signs

Location: All freeways and expressways in New York State.

Existing Sign: Similar signage of varying type faces, EXIT is centered horizontally on sign.

[Exit Number]

[Exit without Number]

This type of exit gore sign used to be used in New York State prior to 1983. There are two differences in this sign in respect to existing signs. The first is the standardization of using the Series E Modified for EXIT and the exit number. The second is the centering of EXIT over the exit number instead of the sign. I feel this is important. By doing this, you are leaving room for a larger arrow that can be rotated to match the actual angle of the exit ramp. A larger arrow brings attention to the curve and utilizing the actual angle of the ramp gives the driver an indication of how steep the curve is.

Also, any new signs that are installed on freeways with unnumbered exits that would become numbered with the implementation of the National MUTCD in September 2007 (and the later possible conversion to distance based exit numbers should use gore signs of the second example, so that there is room for an exit number to be added in the future.