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Approaches to concurrently signed routes.

This signshop recommendation is for approaches to concurrently signed touring routes (multiplexes). This type of scenario occurs statewide.

Distance Sign

There are many concurrently signed routes across The Empire State. In this particular example, I created a sign for an approach to NY Routes 5, 8 and 12, commonly referred to as the "North-South Arterial" in the City of Utica.

The roads approaching multiplexes such as this often have a separate sign for each route, in each direction at the given intersection. In this example, there are sign route marker installations on one assembly: WEST 5, SOUTH 8, SOUTH 12, EAST 5, NORTH 8, NORTH 12, all with accompanying arrows. Due to the number of routes involved at this intersection, the sign assembly is quite large and can contain an overwhelming amount of information for motorists, especially those unfamiliar with the area.

I've condensed the information to one guide panel and have combined elements as much as possible while still providing as much information to the motorist as possible. By simplifying the design of this guide panel, there is less reaction time needed for the motorist to read, comprehend and act upon the message being conveyed.