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Transition to Distance Based Exit Numbers

This sign design is recommended for state wide application.

[Old Exit 40]

Most states in the U.S. use distance based exit numbers on their freeways and expressways. New York will eventually transition to distance based number as well. To keep the costs of the conversion at a minimum, this could be done over the next decade or so by displaying both the "old" and "new" exit numbers when signs are replaced through regularly schedule sign rehabilition/replacement projects. Then at the NEXT rehabilitation project, just the new number would be displayed.

The graphic on the right uses the traditional NYSDOT letter specifications with the exception of the old exit numbers, they remain in Series D. Since there will be two exit numbers posted at interchanges during the conversion, I have kept both exit numbers as part of the main number panel to keep both exit numbers next to each other instead of hanging tabs off the top or side that display both the old and/or new exit number (a practice seen in Florida after their conversion to distance based numbers).