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Work Zone signage

These designs are recommended for state wide application.

End Road Work

This sign was inspired by a visit to Arizona and my admiration of the work of ADOT. With incidents of road rage at an all time high, this is an attempt at motorist calming measures.

This design would replace National MUTCD G20-2.

In addition, Chris Jordan has this suggestion and I wholeheartedly agree with it:

Begin Work Zone Begin Work Zone/Doubled

From Chris Jordan: (Inspired by similar signage in North Carolina). Obviously, the sign is self explanatory, it tells the motorist that the work zone starts there. I think that this is a very good sign to use, as it specifically tells the motorist where the work zone starts, which also means where increased fines for traffic violations start as well. Right now, New York uses the State Law Speeding Fines Doubled in Work Zones, which according to NYSDOT, is where the work zone begins. One thing I've done however is that I've modified the sign from the diamond shape, used in North Carolina, to a rectangular shape, and I believe that its placement should be with the fines doubled sign when possible.