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Thruway Services

This design is recommended for the Thruway, west of the Angola Service Area.

Thruway Fuel

The Angola Service Area is approximately 50 miles from the Pennsylvania state line. At the service area, the Thruway has posted a sign stating"Last Service Area on Thruway". Unfortunately, there's no mention of how far the next rest or service area is (there's a Welcome Center at the State Line). Since there are no more services available on the Thruway, it would be beneficial to motorists if the Thruway Authority included Food and Fuel logo signs at the interchanges between the Angola Service Area and Pennsylvania. There would be no competition with the vendors on the Thruway since drivers have already passed the last available services and the use of the logo program would be a source of income for the Thruway Authority.

This suggestion is based on an observation I made on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, where they employ this type of signage north of the Hickory Run Service Plaza on the Northeast Extension and west of the last Service Plaza before the Ohio Line.