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Interstate 790 / Thruway Interchange Approach Signs

Existing Sign:"To 90 / Genesee Street South".

I-790 exit

Drivers may have directions that simply say "take I-90 towards Albany" or the "Thruway towards Buffalo". Current signage doesn't mention the Thruway (its common name) at all, nor does it have any destination. NYSDOT Region 3 recently began including "Albany / Buffalo" on their new signage as well, its important for drivers to give as many visual clues as possible.

Since Genesee Street and the Thruway are both accessed by the same ramps here, I've combined Albany and Buffalo to one line and separated the Genesee St legend from the Thruway information by a line. When I first designed the sign, I used a partial line that can be found on guide panels in Texas, but it didn't look right to me. So I made it a full line instead. This type of legend shows that both destinations can be reached by this single interchange. The blank exit tab cues the motorist that the ramps are accessed by the right lane and also leaves room for future interchange numbering.