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I-790 Overhead Pull Thru

Location: I-790 and N Y 5 East at NY 8 / 12 SOUTH, City of Utica

Existing Sign: To 90 / I-790 EAST/ NY 5 EAST, one down arrow over left lane.

790 pull thru

The sign currently at this location in Region 2 was installed in October 2003, replacing an earlier version from 1989 when this roadway was built. The original sign was pretty much like it's replacement, however it mistakenly lists the "To I-90" designation first. Since the roadway is not actually I-90, it shouldn't be listed first, even though numerically it's the highest numbered interstate on the sign.

In addition the current sign, unlike its earlier counterpart, has a down arrow over the left lane only, even though both lanes are thru traffic lanes. This causes unnecessary weaving at this location. Since the thru lanes are easily distinguished, no down arrow(s) is/are needed. The placement of "EAST" to the left of the route shields gives the necessary visual cues for thru traffic keeping left.

On this design, I've left the "To 90" and a Thruway trailblazer off the panel because it could lead to sign clutter. Instead, I've included the control destination of "Thruway", though I'm not entirely satisifed with this approach because signs further down the corridor should have I-90 and Thruway trailblazers on them and refer to Albany-Buffalo as control destinations. However, in order to keep within reasonable budgetary constraints and to use existing sign supports, I've opted for this method instead.